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Deb Donnell, IANLP / IANS Master Practitioner, GIA Graduate Diamonds, author, publisher and founder of KESWiN Academy. My mission is to ensure you do not die with your valuable treasure trapped inside of you. It is my privilege to guide people like you through personal development and home business training. Whether you want to achieve your big dream, such as publish a non-fiction book, build a solo business, or just live your life to its fullest potential, I am committed to helping you succeed inside the Academy. Learn more about me here.

English language cancelled

Is the English language cancelled?

When was the English language cancelled?  Especially in New Zealand, where it is not even an official language of the country!  Since the 1860s, English has been the predominant language spoken in New Zealand.  However, 160 years later, English has still not been recognised as one of this country’s two official languages.    What’s worse, […]

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How to be hopeful

How to Be Hopeful in these Chaotic Times

How to be hopeful in a chaotic world?  This is part of your personal journey as you move towards the doorway into a new and peaceful planet. This post was originally published on Deb Donnell’s personal website. The Journey of Awakening from Mass Formation Psychosis I am being hopeful in 2022 and encouraging others to

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Unforgivable: How to forgive and move on

Unforgivable: the introduction of Covid mandates and passports caused irreparable damage to relationships. How do we forgive and move on? Can We Forgive the Unforgivable? Sadly, the Covid PsyOps of the past two years have led to many divisions in society.  Probably none more heart breaking and unforgivable is the relationship damage done between a

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Your Hidden Treasure KESWiN Academy

Your Hidden Treasure: Finding Value Within

Your hidden treasure is the wealth of unique and valuable gems buried deep inside of you.  It is your talents and attributes.  Or, in other words, your lifetime of knowledge, experiences, skill-sets, wisdom, ideas and narratives.  At KESWiN Academy, we believe that you have unlimited hidden treasure buried deep within your heart, soul and unconscious

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Explore Your Self KESWiN Academy

Explore Your Self: Be, Do, Have More

Explore your Self in order to discover who you are and what you want to write about.  Next set goals to write the book trapped inside you.  Then take action to self-publish your content and non-fiction book.  Finally, establish your authorship business and create a legacy you’re proud of. Have you ever noticed that your

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