Unforgivable: How to forgive and move on

Unforgivable: the introduction of Covid mandates and passports caused irreparable damage to relationships. How do we forgive and move on?

Can We Forgive the Unforgivable?

Sadly, the Covid PsyOps of the past two years have led to many divisions in society.  Probably none more heart breaking and unforgivable is the relationship damage done between a parent and their teenage or adult child because one of them “refused” to “do the right thing” by getting the jab (or vice versa). 

Rather than take time to understand each other’s point of view, it became a battle of “I’m right, and you are wrong” and ripped previously close relationships apart.  The government’s roll out and “mandating the vaccine” nudges to participate in society has broken countless lifelong “unconditional” love bonds. 

One of the consequences for people who chose to remain unjabbed was being excluded from family events.  By refusing to comply, we have been bullied, coerced and exiled for months.  But now the government says the vaccinated and unvaccinated can share space again.  However, when the non-compliant are invited or in some cases summoned to return to the family fold, it is often with the proviso, “Let’s play nicely, pretend all is normal, and do not talk about that topic.”  In other words, the bullying continues. 

However, the “reunions” are just another painful situation for the unjabbed, partially unjabbed or vaccine injured to navigate.  There is no panacea to rebuild broken relationships when one side refuses to acknowledge the damage done.  It is going to take a long time to heal the rift, if ever. 

So how do we deal with this?  Do we continue to fight for understanding and beg for an apology?  Or do we free ourselves by forgiving the unforgivable? 

We Forgive Those Who Hurt Us – Even the Unforgivable

One powerful strategy for growth in Human Potential psychology is the process of forgiving yourself or others, and then letting go of the hurt.  In doing so, you become empowered.  You get clarity and understanding about the toxic or restrictive dynamics of unhealthy relationships.  As a result, you generate forgiveness within your heart and mind and set yourself free. 

So do not wait for someone to ask for forgiveness from you or reward you with their forgiveness.  Because when you wait for someone to make things right, we allow them to “rent space” in your head.  This keeps you under their influence.  The same goes with putting all your energy into justifying or “making them understand” your point of view.  You continue to give your power away. 

Therefore, it is crucial to focus on becoming free mentally and emotionally, as much as physically and financially.  We need to listen to what is in our hearts, as well as what others are saying.  Listening internally and externally allows us to free ourselves from whatever is imprisoning us psychologically. 

This is a significant part of how we are creating our exciting and empowering new Earth. 

Insight:  Our Awakening Journey Frightens Our Loved Ones

Have you received a summons to a family event?  Before you agree to go, take time to reflect on how to approach this without letting your feelings of hurt and betrayal take over.  If there are reasons compelling you to go, try to eliminate the need “to be right or understood.”  Then you can attend on your own terms.

As you process and reflect, you may discover that the division in your relationships have been there for some time.  The past six months has served to put a spotlight on any issues.  We’ve been forced into acknowledging our values, beliefs and principles.  While your loved ones have made the choice to walk the “safe, traditional” path, you have stepped onto the “personal growth and freedom” one.

All decisions have consequences.  When you said “NO!” to taking an experimental medical treatment, it was because of what you believed in.  Likely, you chose freedom of choice over the restrictive prison of fear.  Which came at great cost to the relationships with your loved ones.

However, every action has a positive intention; if you push hard enough, every person’s highest intention is the same:  to keep themselves safe.  The issues have arisen because everyone’s perceived threat is different.  Our loved ones cannot or do not want to understand what we perceive is our biggest threat.  And so our non-compliance also became a threat to their safety.  At the deepest level of their subconscious mind, our demonstration of strength, courage and willingness to take risks frightens them. 

We stepped onto the path of autonomy, freedom and light, but they could not.  It is our courage to pursue freedom that has broken the chains of the unhealthy dynamics in relationships.  You are no longer the compliant person they want you to be.  Therefore, any return you make to their world now is best done as a curious observer visiting from another planet.  Which is essentially the case.

When Your Loved Ones Won’t Discuss What’s Happened

Something else to consider. 

Victims of any type of fraud may never admit the con artist nudged and manipulated them.  Instead, they end up perpetuating the scam, just to save face.  Therefore, they pretend that what has happened was justified.  

In the case of the Government response to Covid-19, anyone wanting to save face must continue believing that the “safe and effective vaccine” was the panacea they wanted.  They will go to their deathbeds stating that their compliance to vax, mask, scan, and discriminate is what saved everyone, especially the most vulnerable.  Nor will they ever agree to listen or hear our side of the story.  So they silence us.  To them, their assumptions about why we didn’t get jabbed justifies their treatment of us.  Otherwise, all their sacrifices were for nothing.

Sadly, this attitude prevents any opportunity for healing the relationship damage for both sides.  They want us to be the ones who surrender, return and even beg for their forgiveness at daring to disagree with them.  

They also want us to give them amnesty for how they have treated us over the past few years.  Because, as far as they are concerned, they need to be 100% right.  Which is why they continue to gaslight, bully and manipulate you if you let them. 

Consequently, when you make the decision to forgive the unforgivable you retain your hard-won freedom of thoughts, feelings, actions and communications.  This is a powerful process for you to undergo.  When you recognise your loved one’s toxic behaviour for what it is, your pain disappears.  You step out of that old dark prison and fully into the light as your amazing, unique and authentic self and begin to create the new world you desire. 

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