English language cancelled

Is the English language cancelled?

When was the English language cancelled?  Especially in New Zealand, where it is not even an official language of the country!  Since the 1860s, English has been the predominant language spoken in New Zealand.  However, 160 years later, English has still not been recognised as one of this country’s two official languages
What’s worse, English is under threat, as the Crown (and now private enterprises) change department and business names to Māori.  Employees and contractors are mandated to learn and speak Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) in order to carry out their jobs.  In some cases, so are their suppliers and customers!  Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has stipulated that every subject must convey the Māori world view, which means a heavy emphasis on te reo Māori.

Having spent three years studying linguistics, and in particular New Zealand English, at university in my late twenties, I know how important it is to keep languages alive.  A language dies when very few to none are speaking it.  So the best way to do this, is to continue using the language under threat. 

However, is it right to mandate the use of a language in order to carry out a job, fulfil a contract, or undertake an every day commercial transaction? 

However, is it right to mandate the use of a language in order to carry out a job, fulfil a contract, or undertake an every day commercial transaction? 

Mandating Language is an Act of Tyranny

Bullying, and threatening to fine non-compliance is never a good idea in a free society.  But this is what is happening in New Zealand in 2023.  We are being mandated to speak a different language.  Either we culturally appropriate te reo Māori or prepare to be punished for it. 

Punishment may include loss of employment or business, or the ability to freely communicate with others in our community.  There is no escaping it.  Like the Borg from the science fiction Star Trek, we are told that “Resistance is futile, you will comply.” 

The main stream media has been paid off, on the condition that they push the language re-education programme to the point that no one understands the weather reports, the news, and so on. 

New Zealand English is Unintelligible

This forcing another language into all levels of society in New Zealand requires English borrowing extensively from te reo Māori, and vice versa.  English in New Zealand has now become  unintelligible, not only to international visitors, but to most New Zealanders as well.  For older citizens and new non-English speaking immigrants who are already struggling to learn English, this is particularly challenging. 

Consequently, rather than it unite the people, this mandating te reo Māori is causing further division between cultures, generations, and social groups.  Considering our extreme-left leaning government and the drive to tribal co-governance in honour of the outdated and misinterpreted te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi 1840), one wonders if this is deliberate.

English Language Cancelled and Politicised in New Zealand

Back in 2022, the former New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, made a speech at the United National Assembly.  She declared that “words are a weapon of mass destruction” and in that moment, Ardern politicised and cancelled English language.  So much for the children’s nursery rhyme, “Sticks and stone will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

While her ego driven attack was on “free speech”, it was just yet another nail in the English language coffin in New Zealand.  This tyrannical woke leader has politicised and stomped on English language in her country.  She instilled fear in New Zealanders who now self-censor everything they say… and think!  She has expanded her tyrannical attack internationally to include her “Christchurch Call” disinformation and hate speech crusade.

This September 2022 UN speech, along with her allowing the Maori elite to push their tribal co-governance agenda in New Zealand, contributed to her becoming so politically disliked she resigned as Prime Minister in early 2023.  However, her replacement, Chris Hipkins, has appointed her into a newly created position as “Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call”.

The Attack on the English Language is Dystopian

The remainder of this article was originally published on my personal website

I’m very concerned about how the world leaders, in particular former New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has politicised language in the exact same fashion that George Orwell wrote about in his dystopian novel, 1984.

Welcome to the world of “Newspeak” and “Memory Holes” and all that nasty, language police stuff.

Welcome to the world of “Newspeak” and “Memory Holes” and all that nasty, language police stuff.  What is concerning is that we have let the language police rule our thinking, speaking, feeling and behaving.
Sadly, each and every one of us stopped paying attention (or maybe never even started).  Instead, we have outsourced our thinking and let fear rule our lives Most noticeably, this has been over the past three plus years (i.e. since March 2020).
I have heard over and over again:
  • “Oh, I’m just doing what I’m told to do, it’s so much easier that way.” 
  • “It’s for the greater good.  I’m saving granny.”
  • “I’m good citizen because I’m complying. “
  • “I know that resistance is futile.”
  • “I don’t have time to research or think, so I’ll just follow orders.”
  • “I’m doing my bit so I can have my freedoms back.”
  • “Running my business (or travelling) requires me to follow orders.”
In other words, not taking any ownership or self-responsibility.

You Cannot Comply Your Way to a Better Life… or World

Throughout history, people complying and just following orders, for the greater good, has never worked out well.  I could name many examples from history, but seriously, do I really need to? In any case, as much as the powers that be are trying to rewrite the history books, the memory holes aren’t working.  Thank God!
Because the memory holes never work.  In fact, we can prove that history repeats.  Again…  And again…  And again.
Fortunately, there are still plenty of us in the world who are determined to be on the right side of history.  In many cases we have sacrificed our incomes, our careers, and our relationships.  Those that dare to speak out are often smeared by the ideologues, the woke, and the powers that be funded activists who attempt to cancel us.  But the reality is that we cannot be silenced as there is always some way to share our message.
Our search for truth is carried out with extensive research, analytics, studies, critical thinking and open discussions about what we are being told.  Further in the article I will give you some examples of the rational and courageous conversations being conducted.
The best truth seekers never let egos get in their way.  They are humble and know that they can never be 100% certain, or that they won’t get it right.  So any of the examples I provide on this website has proven themselves to be genuine by their communications, actions and behaviours.
They have been willing to calmly and respectfully discuss and genuinely debate with others.  More importantly, they have admitted and acknowledged on the occasions they discovered they got it wrong.
For the rest of this article, I’m sharing some gems from two such people who have sacrificed a lot to bring truth and light back into the darkness of our world.

How Certain are You?

Specifically, these two people have taught me to not get upset when someone is “100% certain they are right and I am wrong.”
I admit I used to.  When someone told me a certain pharmaceutical treatment was absolutely 100% safe and effectiveand tried to push it on me, my hackles would rise.  However, it was an early indication of the cancellation of critical thinking, individuality, rationality, and more importantly, the cancellation of the English language.
Because when someone repeats what is obviously a lie with no allowance for discussion, doubt or error, it indicates that they have drunk the Kool-aid.  They have sunk so far into the latest socially approved cult thinking (i.e. Covid, Climate, Gender, Critical Race Theory, and so on).  Furthermore, you can tell these people of cult-level belief, because they often name call, throw insults, hurl abuse, and abruptly end the discussion before you can respond.  There is no reasoning with them, so I’ve learned the hard way that there is no point wasting energy on them.
In any case, I want to introduce this husband and wife team who continually demonstrate rational thinking and common sense.  And then direct you to learn a bit more about the cancellation of the English language which the wife has written about on her Substack blog.  Because by being aware of what the powers that be are trying to do, will give you the tools to defend our language, culture and society.  Or as Heather says, “Defund the Language Police”.

Orwellian Newspeak:  How Now Cow of Brown

In this world of ever growing insanity, we need to seek out and find voices of reason, people who approach information calmly, analytically and sensibly.  Two of those voices that I often go to are husband and wife podcasters, authors and professors in exile, Heather Heying and Brett Weinstein, https://www.bretweinstein.net/darkhorse-podcast.
Their logic and common sense have come at great cost to them, like it has to so many who dare to speak out.  They come from an angle of Evolutionary Biology (which is their area of academic study).  However, they apply their old fashioned scientific thinking to a wide range of topics, and don’t always agree with each other.
Their calm, logical discussions are like a breath of fresh air in this dark, dank, dystopian world.  More importantly, they are also willing to admit when they are wrong, something that has become a rarity these days!
Heather also writes a blog, and encourages people to think for themselves (they both do in their podcasts).  I enjoy reading through it, and thought I would recommend one of her articles, which focuses on how the English language is being attacked and manipulated in order to censor and cancel us further.
As a writer, it is important to not buy into all of this Orwellian newspeak rubbish, but instead to just be aware of it.  And with awareness, comes freedom.  It helps us to to fight back, be creative, and empower others to do the same.  You can read Heather Heying’s article here:  https://naturalselections.substack.com/p/how-now-cow-of-brown

Join the Fight to Stop the Cancellation of the English Language

It’s time to be courageous, stand up and speak out.  Protect the books that are being rewritten by “sensitivity readers.”  Don’t be afraid to offend others, to engage people on merit rather than “diversity.”  To stop pandering to wokeness and political correctness.  Because the more we stay silent, the more we consent to our identities, rights and freedoms being stolen from us.

Stop outsourcing your thinking!

Ways you can stop outsourcing your thinking include:
  • Listening to critical thinkers and truth speakers like Brett and Heather, and others who I write about here on my blog.
  • And if you are looking for a great alternative radio to listen to in New Zealand, you can start with Reality Check Radio, which you will find at https://realitycheck.radio.
  • Read articles on my website, and articles published by other like-minded people.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter which is published through my online training site, KESWiN Academy.  You can subscribe here:  https://keswin.academy/product/keswin-academy-newsletter-subscription/
  • Purchase products or become a member of KESWiN Academy, where we empower you to think critically, act independently, start a home based business, establish an authoritative voice, write a book, create a legacy for current and future generations.  https://keswin.academy/shop/
  • Take action by joining the resistance.  Find local groups and organisations in your area.  If you are in New Zealand, I can recommend becoming part of a Voices for Freedom Local Group https://www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz/local-sign-up/

Whatever you decide to do, by helping to stop the cancellation of the English language, you will be making a difference to the direction the world is heading over the coming years. 

So go on.  Speak out and make your efforts count!

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