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Need to get in touch with us?  Before you do, we recommend that you check out our FAQs.  We are unable to answer general writing, publishing or marketing questions or provide personal feedback and advice via email.  The best place to ask such questions are inside KESWiN Academy or in our free Facebook Group.

If your question isn’t answered in any of the above places, or on this page, please use the form below to send us a message:

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Please read our FAQs on this page and on our website before submitting your enquiry. Note that we're unable to answer general membership-related questions or provide personal feedback and advice via email. The best place to ask such questions is inside KESWiN Academy or in our free Facebook Group.

Some Common Enquiries and Our Responses

The best place to get our advice or opinion is inside the community forum at KESWiN Academy.  If you’re not an Academy member then we’d recommend posting your question in our free Facebook Group
(Please note that we’re unable to answer questions or provide personal feedback via email).

Sorry.  We no longer do any private client work or consultations.  Our focus is 100% on our KESWiN Academy members and providing as much support for them as possible.

If you’re an existing member of the Academy, please ask any questions in the member community and we’ll happily give you our advice and feedback there.

We’d love to talk!  Please complete the enquiry form on this page with some information about who you are, what your podcast or event is about, and what topics you are interested in us speaking about.

We consider all unsolicited emails of this nature to be spam and won’t respond.  So please move along to some other website and not waste any more of our time (or yours). 

Join Our 28 Day Challenge

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How long have you been talking about writing your book?
Or, if you’ve started writing it, how long have you spent working on it so far?
Perhaps you don’t know where to start?
Or what to write about?
Maybe you feel that you have nothing to say that people will be interested in or find valuable?

What if you spent the next 28 days being personally mentored, enabling you to get clarity about your book and writing the first draft?

Would that be useful for you?
Do you have a book trapped inside of you?
Are you open to being mentored through the book writing process?

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