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Our trainers, coaches and mentors guide you step-by-step through the journey to

  • be personally empowered;
  • start and grow a home business;
  • self-publish your non-fiction book; and
  • create a legacy for future generations.

Actionable Training

Progress step-by-step through the modules to get results

Interactive Community

Build friendships, be empowered and get your questions answered

Premium Material

Everything has been road-tested by our experienced team

Our Most Popular Home Business Training Options

We have a range of home business training options (which also work for personal empowerment and non-fiction writing goals). These range from taking a one off course or workshop, through to membership subscriptions with a low monthly fee to access all our courses, workshops, progressive training programs and community!

Our training covers every aspect you need to build a home business, write a book, and ultimately transform your life. Here's a glimpse into some of them...

Become empowered with our home business training

Every workshop, course or membership program focuses on your desired outcome, which could be a personal growth goal or a home business one. Our in-depth training will empower you to achieve your dreams, whatever they are!

Deb Donnell — Founder

Home business management, website development, article and copy writing, product development, sales funnels, content marketing, book publishing, and lots more are all part of the author and home business owner’s skillsets. 

While our casual on-demand courses allow you to cherry pick the topics you need, as a premium member inside the Academy you will enjoy access to everything, including having our step-by-step training program tailored to your specific needs.

Every person on the KESWiN Academy Team (our KATs) has travelled the road ahead of you.  So they understand your needs, and the obstacles you face.  Leverage off our professional know-how and fast-track your journey to success.

Recommended Tools Include

Recommended tools are supplied by third parties.  They may occur additional license, subscription, or other costs if you choose to use their software or services.  In some cases, we may earn an affiliate commission.

What Our Students Have to Say

I've learned effective market research, business organization and technical skills, as well as how to write articles, build a blog and set up a sales funnel. I've made awesome friends too.
From United States of America
The Goal Setting Workshop was brilliant and thought provoking. It allowed me to become fluid with my writing, and also achieve my personal goal to move into my dream home.
From New Zealand
The eBook Publishing Master Class encouraged me to finish writing my book, and then take the next step to get it published in both print and digital format. It was awesome to produce a real book for my business.
From New Zealand
I really enjoyed going through the self-publishing process with my book. I've learned a lot of things I hadn't thought about. Seeing the finished book in print felt like a huge achievement. Thank you.
From Canada

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Personal Development
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Personal Development Quotes

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Find Your Why (Your Life Purpose)

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Dan Poynter Interview

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Learning Styles Don’t Actually Exist, Studies Show

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Digital Sharecropping Hidden Risks

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Personal Development Quote – How to Get Started

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