KESWiN™ Academy

Be the Hero in Your Quest for Treasure

KESWiN Academy guides you on your journey to discover what makes your heart sing.  Most importantly, you want to share your passion by building a business through digital and print authorship.

While you are a member, our experienced guides, coaches, and mentors travel with you on a series of heroic quests based on the KESWiN™ Entrepreneurship System.  Firstly, you delve into your existing talents and attributes to discover your hidden treasure.  Next, you grade, sort and identify the most profitable gems.  Then you plan, set-up and build your authoritative business. Next, you write, edit and publish valuable content online and offline.  Then, you sell your services to help others.  Furthermore, you establish your authority by creating leveraged and recurring income products.  Finally, you have the freedom to live your life however you choose.

Above all, as a member, you successfully build a profitable passion-based business.  Inside KESWiN Academy, you learn everything you need to become the go-to authority about that which makes your heart sing.  Membership pricing starts from US$9.90 per month.

Inside KESWiN Academy you will discover how to:

  • identify your valuable and unique talents and attributes to share with others.
  • write, edit, publish and market articles, pdfs, ebooks, print books, courses, videos, and audios.
  • build self-hosted WordPress websites. that are the hub to your marketing channels.
  • grow audiences through social media and other promotional tools.
  • nurture warm leads through email marketing and live events.
  • offer a menu-list of services and third party products to bring income into your business.
  • create your own products, such as books, workshops, training programs, maybe even a membership site,
  • and lots more.

Therefore, we invite you to explore our website for more info, book a tour to see inside, or join as a member now.

Library Membership US$9.90 per month

Community Membership US$49 per month

Keswin academy


A person on a quest to discover hidden treasure, which will bring rewards to themselves and their community.
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Keswin Academy

KESWiN™ Academy is a small community of like-minded individuals, with similar quests... to be the hero in their personal growth journey. Founded by Deb Donnell, NLP Master Practitioner, Author, and Entrepreneur, members are guided through a series of journeys, to help them identify their unique and valuable talents and attributes, and then build passion-based personal and/or business brands.

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