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KESWiN Academy provides the guidance, training and resources you need to build a home-based business.  We help people who are experienced changes in your life, such as being suddenly unemployed, newly retired, or your nest has emptied out.  In other words, you have time on your hands, and a lot of expertise and life experience to share with others.  Additionally, you have a desire to build a business, and create an income stream, through creating content, providing professional services, and developing products.

Inside KESWiN Academy, experienced mentors guide you on a self-discovery quest. This help you adjust to the unexpected change, and to rebuild your mental well-being and confidence. In this first quest, you meet with and conquer your dragons (the negative thoughts, feelings, habits, etc. that trap or sabotage you).

Once the dragons are tamed, you are able to discover your untapped talents, attributes and passions. Then you choose meaningful goals, and create an action plan and strategy to achieve them.

From there, if you decide your goal is to share your unique and valuable "treasure" with others, you are guided through the process of setting up a home-based online business.  By providing professional services such as consulting, coaching, or mentoring, and creating own branded products such as non-fiction books, courses, you are able to build stable income streams.


How to be a Hero

Learning how to be a hero is mostly about personal transformation. As a result, you will discover your hidden treasure, and learn how to share it effectively with others.

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We run stand-alone live events on a regular basis, such as workshops, webinars, short courses, etc.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get advanced notice of future events.

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How to Be Successful

Get ready to transform your dreams into reality... one step at a time.  Our blog has lots of tips, resources and strategies to help you get moving forward.

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Hidden deep inside your unconscious self is buried and valuable treasure.
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A person on a quest to discover hidden treasure, which will bring rewards to themselves and their community.


Keswin Academy

KESWiN™ Academy is a small community of like-minded individuals, with similar quests... to be the hero in their personal growth journey. Founded by Deb Donnell, NLP Master Practitioner, Author, and Entrepreneur, members are guided through a series of journeys, to help them identify their unique and valuable talents and attributes, and then build passion-based personal and/or business brands.

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