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Personal Development and Growth Training

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Proven, practical strategies and advice shared in our personal development and growth training.


How to forgive the unforgivable. The introduction of Covid mandates and passports caused damage to relationships. So when is it time to forgive and let go?

Giving Yourself Permission


How to give yourself permission. Investing in yourself and pursuing your goals is an important step in being the hero of your personal growth journey


How to be hopeful in a chaotic world. This is part of your personal journey as you move through the doorway in order to help create a new and peaceful planet.

Hey there, I'm Deb Donnell

Personal development and growth training is life changing!  When you invest in yourself, you build inner strength and resilience.  This helps you to face and overcome life’s challenges – big and small!

The world is currently going through a massive transformation.  The people who are leading it are those who are taking personal responsibility.  Are you ready to be one of them?

I started out on my personal development journey over 30 years ago.  And I’m glad I did.  Because all the knowledge, experiences, skills, wisdom, ideas and narratives I have deep inside me are proving invaluable right now.

Not only are they helping me navigate the way through these crazy times.  But they are also helping others through the personal development and growth training I provide inside Keswin Academy. 

So what can you expect as a member? 

Our foundation program focuses on guiding you on a heroic quest.  You will travel deep into your heart.  Once inside, you will face the dragons that keep you stuck.  Because they are guarding your most precious treasure:  your valuable talents, attributes, and resources.  In other words, the inner diamonds you have created throughout your life.

Advanced Personal Development and Growth Training

Ideally, once you’ve completed our foundation program, you will be eager to take on the next challenge.  Some members are writing a non-fiction book (I’ve written a few myself).  Others are starting a solo business that shares their talents.  And then we have members who are doing both!

The choice is yours.  As is the path ahead.  Become empowered and have the freedom to live your life to your fullest potential.

Deb Donnell, Founder
IANLP / IANS Master Practitioner
GIA Diamonds Graduate
Coach | Mentor | Author



Become a Member of KESWiN Academy

Access our Friendly Community and Premium Training and Support

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