Personal Development Quote

Personal Development Quote – How to Get Started

Personal Development Quote:

“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.”

Jim Rohn


Most people don’t start their personal development journey because they don’t know how to get started.  This short guide, inspired by a Jim Rohn personal development quote, provides five easy steps to getting started. Stop waiting to get started and just begin right here and right now.

Five easy steps to getting started

If you’re looking to improve yourself, there are plenty of ways to do so. Basically, though, just start by identifying what you’d like to work on.  Then, find out where you need help. Finally, take small steps toward improvement.

Start with small goals

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to make big changes in your life.  That’s why it’s important to focus on smaller goals first.  Smaller goals will give you more control over your life and allow you to see results faster.  This works with anything you want to change, not just personal development.

Set realistic expectations

If you set unrealistic expectations for yourself, you’ll never achieve them.  You need to make this workable for you.  So as you choose your first small goal, try to chunk it down into achievable daily steps.  For instance, if you plan to write a book, aim to write at least one page (approx. 250 words) every day.  Then, as you meet those goals, you’ll feel better about yourself and your accomplishments.

Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to compare ourselves with other people.  We often think we’re not good enough because our friends seem more successful than us.  Or we might feel bad because our boss seems happier than we are. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the personal development quote that says “all that glitters is not gold.”  Which means that what you see on the surface may not be the reality of that other person’s life.

In other words, comparing yourself to others isn’t helpful.  Instead, focus on what you can change and improve in your life.

Focus on what you can control

If the past few years have taught you anything, it is to focus on what you can control.  We realise that there has been so much fear inducing media, that it’s not been easy to do this.  However, if you want to succeed at something, you need to focus on what you can control rather than what you can’t.  This means focusing on things you can improve, such as your attitude, skills, knowledge, and relationships.

Keep going – no matter what

One person development quote that keeps people going in spite of difficult and challenging circumstances, is to “Never, ever give up.”  Persistence is one of the eight facets of success. 

One of the benefits of being a member inside Keswin Academy is to be surrounded by like-minded people and coaches.  Every person is committed to ensuring that you keep going – no matter what.  Learn more about joining as a member here.


The personal development journey is one of the most rewarding ones you can embark on.  If this personal development quote and our five steps to success has inspired you to begin, then great.  Remember, you don’t need to travel alone.  Enjoy the fellowship and encouragement of our community and support team. 

So, why not start from where you are now, and with whatever you’ve got?

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