Dan Poynter Interview

Dan Poynter Interview

Interview with “Mr Publishing”, Dan Poynter

Dan Poynter interview, with KESWiN Academy founder, Deb Donnell.  

Deb was privileged to have an interview with the late Dan Poynter, Mr Publishing, in 2009. They spent thirty minutes discussing why 81% of people believe they have a book trapped inside of them and the importance of why they should write it before they die.

The Dan Poynter interview covers some gems on writing, publishing and promoting books, especially for introverts.

Deb is proud to have been passed the book publishing mentor batten from Dan, and hopes she can help you to release your trapped book before you die.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00.25 About the Interview
  • 00:47 Introducing Mr Publishing, Dan Poynter
  • 03:00 Why do people have a book trapped inside of them
  • 03:49 Book writing is part of our heritage
  • 04:19 How the Internet helps introverted authors
  • 05:58 Introverts are really “extroverts in training”
  • 08:06 Re-energising Baby Boomers to build legacies through writing
  • 09:04 Taming the “Dragon” for first drafts, emails and writing diamonds
  • 11:29 The important thing is to get it onto hard disk
  • 12:23 Use a ring binder folder to compile your project
  • 13:04 Being page oriented speeds up the process
  • 14:20 Working in Microsoft Word is easy
  • 15:16 Typeset your own book for digital and print formats
  • 18:18 Do your own online marketing and ezine newsletters
  • 20:14 An opportunity of a lifetime – learning from Dan Poynter
  • 21:55 What’s in a name? A larger market
  • 23:03 Why branding your name is important
  • 25:29 Sell information through info kits and downloads
  • 27:47 Dan’s post interview challenge to Deb
  • 28:04 Deb’s obituary for Dan Poynter
  • 30:03 Are you ready to write your trapped book?

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