Seeking Treasure Within You

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You're invited on a journey - one where you are the hero, on a quest to seek unique and valuable treasure.  This treasure is hidden deep within you, and will only be discovered if you are prepared to face the challenges, overcome the obstacles, and fight the monsters on path that lies ahead.

This is not a journey you have to face alone.  As you move forward along the trail, you will meet mentors and other heroes, on their own quest to find their unique and valuable treasure.  Join with them, and discover the talents and attributes that have developed over your lifetime, making you who you are now.

KESWIN™ is an acronym for the talents and attributes you have formed over your lifetime, from your Knowledge, Experiences, Skill-sets, Wisdom, Ideas, and Narratives.  Too often, these go unacknowledged, not only by others, but also by ourselves.  Even worse, very few people set out on a quest to discover what makes them unique and valuable.

The most valuable treasure you can discover are the talents and attributes that you are most passionate about.  This is the goal of the quest we guide you on at KESWIN™ Academy.  We want you to find what makes your heart sing, and then look for ways you can build your personal and/or business brands with it.  Imagine how your life would look if you woke up each day to work on discovering and sharing your passion...

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