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How to Be a Hero through Authorship

Answering the Call to Authorship

Learning how to be a hero is part of the authorship journey when writing, publishing and marketing non-fiction content and books.

In other words, you are on a heroic quest to discover who you are, what your talents and attributes are. 

Next, you identify your best thoughts, feelings, actions, and communications. 

After this you share your learnings and expertise as skillfully written content. 

Lastly (for now) you repurpose the content into print and digital books.

As a result, you are seeking your hidden treasure, and taking risks to share the most valuable parts of yourself with others.

How to be a Hero Through Authorship

Consequently, authorship is a heroic and transformative journey.  Most importantly, learning how to be a hero has many challenges.  For instance:

  • Confronting your past conditioning and results;
  • Overcoming the obstacles and fears that are keeping you stuck; and
  • Establishing new habits and processes in order to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Hence why we refer to you as the Hero, going on a quest for treasure that is guarded by your inner demons and dragons.

“The Call to Adventure establishes the stakes of the game, and makes clear the hero’s goal:  to win the treasure or the lover, to get revenge or right a wrong, to achieve a dream, confront a challenge or change a life.”

—Christopher Vogler, The Writer’s Journey.

How to Be a Hero inside KESWiN™ Academy

Inside the Academy, you will find the resources, guidance, and training required to support you on your authorship journey.  As a member, you:

  • are guided step-by-step writing, publishing and content marketing quests;
  • choose what the stakes are, and clearly define and form the outcomes you desire;
  • develop the skills to blast through the blocks that have held you back;
  • take action to identify your unique talents and attributes, and discover your valuable hidden treasure;
  • decide what kind of legacy you will create, by sharing the rewards you have gained on your quest through authorship.

Consequently, you will become the Hero of your life story, and have the confidence, self-belief, and skills required to live your authorship dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?  Answer the Call to Authorshipe now by joining KESWiN™ Academy.

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