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Membership Promise – for Your Writing Quests

The Membership Promise is a set of 12 guidelines we ask you to adhere to when you subscribe to any publication or training program produced by KESWiN™ Academy.  This set of values, beliefs, standards, and principles provides a guiding framework for you to follow.  Basically, we are getting you into the mindset to do your best at learning and applying the guidance and training we provide.  Firstly, we can’t ask for more than this from you.  And neither can you give any more than your best effort.  So as long as you promise to do you best, then you are miles ahead on the road to success.

Let’s have a closer look at The Membership Promise.

Join Keswin Academy

The KESWiN™ Academy Membership Promise

As a member, I promise to do my best and:

1. Be the Hero of my Life Journey

This is the next step if your life journey.  For it to be transformative, you have to step up and be the Hero.  If you’ve been waiting for someone to come along and rescue you, then please go look in the mirror.  The person staring back at you is the Hero you’ve been waiting for.

2. Step into the Unknown with Courage

As you progress through the training, we’re going to talk often about “Stepping into States”.  States are ways of being and doing.  Stepping into them allows you to adopt the thoughts, feelings, behaivors, and communications of you at your best.  This makes it far easier to move forward.  So, the first state we ask you to step into is one of “Courage”.  Remember a time when you did something courageous?  How did courage look, feel, and sound like to you?  As you think about that time, amplify the memories as much as you can.  Then step into that picture, that feeling, that movie.  Now leverage off this state of courage to step forward into the Unknown.

3. Be Curious, Flexible, Optimistic and Positive

These are more states you can step into.  By being curious, flexible, positive, and optimistic, you are drawing on states of learning.  We’ll provide you with some tools to accelerate the learning integration and implementation process.  However, for now, focus on accessing a beginner’s mindset as you step into this new and special world of your Transformative Journey.

4. Take Ownership of all I Say and Do

Taking ownership is part of being a Hero.  We don’t expect you to get it right all the time;  we understand that no one is perfect.  However, by taking ownership of all you say and do, you get out of BED (Blame, Excuses, Denial) and start being in control of your destiny.

5. Be Accountable for My Actions

This follows on from the last point of The Membership Promise.  It’s about committing to what you are signing up to do, and being accountable for your action, inaction, and interactions.

6. Accept Responsibility for My Results

Consequently, your actions, inactions, and interactions have outcomes – or results.  They may be positive.  Or they could be negative.  Either way, when you take responsibility for them, you are able to assess the results for what went right, and what went wrong.  Then you can adjust accordingly to correct the failures, or follow the structure if the outcome is what you wanted.  This is known as feedback, which is the foundation of success.

7. Use My Time and Resources Productively

One of our foundation trainings focuses on Time Management.  We urge you to sign up for it.  This will guide you through the reasons why using your time and resources productively is one of the biggest secrets to success.

8.  Do the Work:  Assigned Study, Activities and Tasks

Quite simply, if you don’t do the work, you won’t achieve your goals, or get your desired outcomes.  We are providing you with our proprietary systems for success, based on 30 plus years of research, development, road testing, and more.  We have done the hard yards, and have the scars, the t-shirts, and campfire stories to prove our system works.  We’ve gone untold Heroic Quests, battled dragons, survived earthquakes and other disasters, and discovered our unique and valuable treasure.  Now it’s your turn to do the work.  And by following the KESWiN™ System and Deb Donnell’s Diamond Publishing System™, you get to fast track your own Transformative Journey.

9. Receive Guidance and Feedback with an Open Mind

Being open to guidance and feedback is part of the growth process.  One of our foundation guides is “The Art of Receiving and Giving Feedback”.  It focuses on internal and external feedback, as well how to assess the results you get along the way.  We also show you how to access the right states for receiving feedback, and being able to decide the value of any feedback given.  Most importantly, where you ask for guidance and support from our KATs (Team), Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and other Members, we ask that you do this with a willingness to be helped.

10.  Be Friendly, Considerate, Honest and Trustworthy

Adopt and demonstrate these behaviors in every area of your life, not just inside KESWiN™ Academy, and notice what you notice about the outcomes you get.  These practices may seem to be the foundation of a healthy society.  However, in our experience, less than 5% of human beings practice all four 100% of the time.

11. Respect, Nurture, Serve and Support Others

“Help and be helped” are four words that make a huge difference in a community.  When you are part of one of our communities or groups, we ask you to respect, nurture, serve and support others.  In other words, focus on believing is yourself and other’s abilities, inspire quests, and focus on mutual empowerment.

12. Be Playful and Creative; Relax and Have Lots of Fun!

Above all, these are the best states for learning, and growing on your journey.  People who achieve their goals often say that the best part is never reaching the destination, but the fun they’ve had along the way.  So what are you waiting for? As well as reading The Membership Promise, you can also read the Membership Agreement here.  After you have done this, we invite you to go to the next step of Your Transformative Journey.


We’re working on an awesome membership site that will help you to release your trapped stories and share your expertise with others. If you’d like to find out more, be the first to know when we launch AND receive a special launch discount then simply enter your details here.

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