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Our self actualisation courses are NEW to our curriculum.  They are held over seven weeks, either online or in person (in Christchurch, New Zealand).  These courses have a foundation in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and are tailored to help our members navigate the “Interesting Times” we are living in.  When you enrol in one (or more) of our self actualisation courses, you will be guided by our founder, Deb Donnell, who is an NLP Master Practitioner and a Meta-Masters Practitioner of Neuro-Semántics. 

Like it or not, our interesting times in 2022 provides us with incredible opportunities for personal development, self-growth, creative problem-solving and the unleashing of our leadership potential.  There can be no more heroic challenge, or quest right now than this.  So if you want to transform your life, your communities and the world, then check out our self actualisation courses. 

Course 1

Quest to Discover Your Authentic Self

What happens when you identify your basic and higher needs, and learn how to adequately and truly satisfy them? How would it be to experience the vitality of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, and live your life more fully and humanly?

Quest to Discover Your Authentic Self

8 weeks - 28 hours
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Course 2

Challenge to Find Your Optimum Performance

What would your life be like if you owned and exercised your unique and valuable powers every day? Imagine having focused engagement in your zone of optimum performance. Learn how to experience the being-doing synergy of unleashing your potential.

Challenge to Find Your Optimum Performance

8 lessons - 28 hours
sold out

Course 3

Seek & Improve Your Creative Problem-Solving Powers

Creative problem-solving skills enable you to design desired outcomes, precise problem descriptions, targeted solutions and innovations. Develop an advanced ability to facilitate conversations that solve problems, execute solutions, and reach desired futures.

Seek & Improve Your Creative Problem-Solving Powers

8 weeks - 28 hours
sold out

Course 4

Mission to Develop Your Leadership Potential

A good leader inspires, guides and empowers others to move forward on their journey. If you are in, or want to be in, a leadership role with a vision to bring out the best in people, and grow self-actualising (freedom) communities, then this course is for you.

Mission to Develop Your Leadership Potential

8 weeks - 28 hours
sold out
Self actualisation courses

Welcome to Keswin Academy!

We provide online and offline self actualisation courses, workshops, coaching and community to people who want to unleash their potentials and live an autonomous life.  It is our mission to empower individuals, solopreneurs and small business owners with the skills to transform their life and share their unique talents and attributes with their communities.  

Why Our Self Actualisation Courses

Grow your knowledge and empower you to live life fully

Focus on freedom

We believe that freedom is achieved through you discovering your unique talents and attributes and finding ways to bring value to others.

Experienced Guides

Our guides have decades of real life knowledge, experiences, skill-sets, wisdom, ideas and narratives. We only provide you with the stuff we've road tested.

Options Galore

Choose the best option for your learning style: on demand courses and content, progressive training programmes, group mentoring and so on...

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We are launching our Self-Actualisation Courses now.  

  • Online options include membership in our friendly supportive community with self-driven learning or weekly group coaching (4-10 people).  Find out more about our online membership academy here
  • If you are based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we are offering in-person group coaching starting in May 2022 (group sizes 4-10 people).  Each course will be run over 8 weeks, for 3.5 hours each week (total 28 hours).  Our founder, Deb Donnell, will be leading each of these sessions.    

For more information about our online or offline group coaching, please complete the Registration Pack Request form, and we’ll send you an intro pack.  

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This is a great option if you prefer to self-drive your learning.  You can cherry-pick your training and enjoy the support of others on similar journeys.  Please check out our online membership options here or click the button below. 

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