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Our doors are open to new members now, and we would love to have you join us.  Because your Transformative Journey with KESWIN™ Academy requires a long-term commitment, it’s important to find out if we’re a good fit for each … Read More

About Keswin Academy
About KESWIN Academy Online Business Training

About KESWiN Academy:  We are an online membership site.  We guide Gen-X and Baby Boomers who are starting to build a home-based business through sharing their expertise or passion. KESWiN Academy has been through a few transformations in its lifetime, … Read More

Keswin Academy
KESWiN Academy – Home Business Training

KESWiN Academy Welcomes You Are You Ready to Be the Hero You Dream of Becoming? KESWiN Academy provides the guidance, training and resources you need to build a home-based business.  We help people who are experienced changes in your life, … Read More

KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System

The KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System focuses on inside-out transformation, which empowers you to gain the rewards you seek.  You’re probably asking what we mean by “inside-out” transformation, aren’t you? When a hero sets off on their entrepreneurship journey, they know they … Read More

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KESWIN™ Academy Privacy Policy The KESWIN™ Academy Privacy Policy helps you to make informed decisions about the personal information you provide when using our website, membership, products and services. Introduction KESWIN™ Academy is owned by Writing Diamonds Ltd (we, … Read More

About Deb Donnell, Our Founder

Hi, I’m Deb Donnell Thanks for taking some time to learn about why I founded KESWiN™ Academy.   In short, it is to help people just like me.  People with decades of valuable treasure, buried deep inside of them.  Treasure which … Read More


CONTACT USLet’s connect and travel our individual journeys together. LET’S CONNECTIf you would like more information about how we can guide you on your quest, and share in your journey, then please fill in our contact form. We want to … Read More

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