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How to be a Hero
How to Be a Hero

Learning how to be a hero is mostly about personal transformation.  It’s about discovering who you are, what your talents and attributes are, and how you can bring your best to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and communications. As a result, … Read More

Keswin academy
Planning your perfect quest

Quests normally happen when some triggering incident calls you, the hero into action.  To be honest, there is very little opportunity for you to make plans.  At best, you find a mentor (or a coach) who guides you through the … Read More

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PQ Library Membership

PQ Library Membership is a low-cost monthly subscription to access our PQ Library Guides, Courses, Articles, Tools and Resources.  In other words, it is an affordable starting point for Your Transformative Journey. Introduction to PQ Library Membership As a result … Read More

Keswin Academy Fellow Traveler
Fellow Traveler on a Transformative Journey

Welcome fellow traveler, on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Our role is provide you with robust tools and resources tested and used by our team. “I’m not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way.  I … Read More

Finding Your Hidden Treasure

Are you seeking your hidden treasure?  For example, the wealth of unique and valuable gems buried deep inside of you.  In other words, your lifetime of knowledge, experiences, skill-sets, wisdom, ideas and narratives.  If so, then read on. We believe … Read More

Seeking Treasure
Seeking Treasure Within You

Seeking treasure within you.  You’re invited on a journey – one where you are the hero, on a quest to seek unique and valuable treasure hidden inside you.  This treasure is buried deep within you, and will only be discovered … Read More

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