The KESWiN™ Entrepreneurship takes you from first ideas, through to owning a profitable authoritative business.

The KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System focuses on inside-out transformation, which empowers you to gain the rewards you seek.  You're probably asking what we mean by "inside-out" transformation, aren't you?

When a hero sets off on their entrepreneurship journey, they know they will face challenges along the way.  They realize that they don't always have the talents and attributes to succeed, but are prepared to be guided or assisted when needed.  They also discover during the venture new things about themselves, which often turn out to be a greater reward than that which they were seeking.  Their personal development empowers them to be guides to others who travel a similar path.

This personal development is inside-out transformation.  It is the most important part of success as an authoritative thought leader and entrepreneur.  And so our system has a strong emphasis on self-actualization coaching.  In fact, the first module focuses solely on identifying your talents, attributes, and highest intentions (your why).  Once you know this, everything else will start to fall into place, thus making it easier to choose your niche, and plan your entrepreneurship journey.  And just like any journey, the modules are progressive.  You cannot move forward until you have completed each one.

Please explore the tabs below for the outline of the KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System.

KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System Modules

Module One:  Becoming Authentic

Who am I?  What do I want?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  How should I live my life?  When will things change for me?  Which business should I start? 
The first module guides you through the start of the inside-out transformation process.  Using proven self-actualization tools, you will find answers to these questions, and many more.  This module is broken into 7 parts, and leads you deep inside, to discover your authentic self and hidden diamonds which have been created throughout your life, so far. Allow a minimum of 2 months to complete the first part of your entrepreneurship journey.

Important Notes:

  • You are 100% responsible and accountable for your results on this journey. We advise you to take ownership of the process from the moment you decide to join as a member.
  • The time-frames outlined are a guide only, and based on you having the resources to fully commit to the journey. If you have limited time, capital, cashflow, and other necessary resources, then expect the journey to take longer.
  • KESWIN™ Academy:
    • Provides you with the training, coaching/mentoring and some of the tools you need for your entrepreneurship journey, or we will provide recommendations/affiliate links to resources that meet our minimum standards.
    • Takes your privacy and security very seriously.  We comply with internationally recognized privacy regulations, as well as New Zealand's privacy laws.  To learn more, please read our privacy and security policies.
    • Recommends a minimum of 12 months membership in order for you to achieve inside-out transformation and establish your thought leadership business. Results will vary depending on the member's current KESWIN™ and available resources.
    • Does not guarantee your success, as this depends on you.  We do, however, offer a money-back guarantee if you wish to cancel your membership within the first 30 days of joining.
    • Requires you to read our full membership terms and conditions, privacy and security policies prior to joining. When you join as a member, you will consent to these, and to us using your personal data and content as outlined in these legal documents.