Hi, I'm Deb Donnell

Thanks for taking some time to learn about why I founded KESWiN™ Academy.   In short, it is to help people just like me.  People with decades of valuable treasure, buried deep inside of them.  Treasure which they wish to share with others through entrepreneurship and authorship.

My journey to create KESWiN™ Academy began in 2003.  During a brainstorming session, I had a vision of creating a network where people could succeed through authorship.  Inside the network they would learn how to take first ideas through to profitable businesses.  More importantly, they would do this in a friendly, supportive community.  Furthermore, they'd leverage off each other to build audiences and successfully sell their services and products.  Unfortunately, in 2003, building such a network was far beyond my ability, and budget.  So I set out to learn how I could achieve my vision on a shoestring.

V1.0 KESWiN™ Academy launches 2009

Between 2003 and 2009 I invested in my most important asset - myself.  I found mentors to guide me through personal development, self-publishing and online marketing.  Some had a person-to-person big influence on me, such as the late Dan Poynter, and Ann Sieg.  Others, I accessed through books, or coaches within their organization.  For example, I enrolled in Jack Canfield's Coaching Program in 2010 after having studied his books in-depth.

During an online marketing mentoring program, I began helping other students to develop their writing skills. As a result, I co-founded a new online training academy in 2009.  We developed training material to help members identify profitable business niches.  Specifically, they build self-hosted WordPress websites, write Search Engine Optimized content, and create residual income by selling affiliate products.  To be honest, most of the time we were only a few steps ahead of our members.  However, this was normal for online marketing, as it was still in its infancy.

Unfortunately, between 2010 and 2012, a series of violent earthquakes struck my home city, Christchurch, New Zealand.  Their impact on the survivor's homes, businesses, jobs, and mental and emotional states was severe.  Personally, I lost a lot, including having the resources to continue serving the members in our online training academy.  I had to resign.  Without my involvement, my business partners ended up closing it down.  It was heart-breaking for everyone.

Eight Year Transformative Detour to Rebuild

As a result, the earthquakes sent me on a transformative detour.  Hence, I went on a number of quests to test and complete the KESWIN™ Entrepreneurship System.  Consequently, I filled in some gaps in my own skill-sets.  Over the next seven years, I successfully:

  • Published several best-selling books (see cover images on this page);
  • Completed my Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diamonds Diploma.  This means I can identify, grade and value natural diamonds; and
  • Qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programing) Master Practitioner.  So I can guide people on personal development journey.

During this time, I spent nearly 8 years rebuilding on my own (and on a shoestring) what the Christchurch Earthquake took from me in less than a minute's intense shaking.  KESWIN™ Academy is the online platform and community I built in 2009, and had to walk away from after the earthquakes.

Please join me inside V2.0 KESWiN™ Academy

It is now my pleasure to invite you to join this exclusive online community.  You have the opportunity to leverage off my KESWIN™ to identify yours.  Next, using NLP tools, you will discover what makes your heart sing.  Finally, you'll build your authentic life by following your passion.

*You may be wondering what natural diamonds have to do with identifying what makes your heart sing?  Also, why my being able to identify and grade them will help you?  Well, this is just one of the facets of my talents and attributes. More importantly, I use the analogy of the diamond's journey through a lot of the content and training material I publish.  As a result, the metaphor of the diamonds is perfect for your Transformative Journey.  Because metaphorical diamonds are your undiscovered treasure buried and hidden deep inside of you.

Please explore this website for more information on how I may be able to guide you on your quest to seek your valuable treasure.  Additionally, you can visit my personal website, or follow me on Facebook.

Do you prefer to meet first and find out if we're a good fit for each other?  If so, please complete the booking form to set up a time that suits you.  When we meet, you can have a tour of KESWIN™ Academy.  At the same time, we can chat.  Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

Deb Donnell

Deb Donnell Keswin Academy Founder