KESWiN™ Academy guides proactive individuals who want to the hero of their unique personal and entrepreneurship journeys.
Keswin Academy

A Brief History

About KESWiN Academy:  We are an online membership site.  We guide Gen-X and Baby Boomers who are starting to build a home-based business through sharing their expertise or passion.

KESWiN Academy has been through a few transformations in its lifetime, as we have researched, developed, and road tested our system and processes.  We have evolved through continuous improvement of our KESWIN™.

  • 2003:  Our founder, Deb Donnell, visualized a one-stop resource online center to mutually empower individuals to build passion-based businesses.  She set about developing her KESWIN™ and gathering the resources to turn her dream into a reality.
  • 2008:  Deb co-founded Small Biz Incubator, an online training forum helping individuals in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand to build self-hosted WordPress blogs, and write content to market their business online.
  • 2011:  Deb and her US based business partner closed Small Biz Incubator due to the ongoing impact of destructive earthquakes in Deb's home city, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • 2013:  Deb's vision was rebuilt from the rubble, in the form of Writing Diamonds Academy, focusing on her Diamond Publishing System™.
  • 2018:  Through the process of continuous improvement, Deb updated the training program to provide more focus on the inside-out transformative entrepreneurship journey.  The restructured program is now branded and delivered as KESWiN Academy, under Deb Donnell's personal guidance.

Our Mission

To guide You to become an authentic, empowered, confident, and valuable thought leader who engages, connects with, inspires, and empowers your followers by sharing your KESWIN™ in your niche market.

Our Core Values

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Inside-Out Transformative Growth
  • Mutually Empowering Relationships
  • Commitment to Long-Term Success
  • Authentic, Authoritative Entrepreneurship
  • Robust Resources and Systems

Our Vision

To empower and transform individuals to become independent authoritative thought leaders by sharing their KESWIN™ and building strong connections with audiences in their niche market.

KESWIN™ is an acronym for your unique talents and attributes, including your:

  • Knowledge
  • Experiences
  • Skill-sets
  • Wisdom
  • Ideas
  • Narratives

Our Purpose

To provide robust resources and a supportive community to mutually empower each other to build and grow unique authoritative personal and business brands.

Our System

Our proven system, processes and resources guide you on a journey of inside-out transformative growth. You will:

  • Identify your purpose, vision, and mission.
  • Find the right gap in the niche market for your KESWIN™.
  • Create goals and design a step-by-step action plan.
  • Implement the strategies to build your personal and/or business brand.
  • Start publishing your thought leadership content online.
  • Grow an audience who engages with you.
  • Develop services and products to market and sell.
  • And lots more...

Our Team

You are guided through the process by experienced mentors, trainers, and coaches who have already traveled ahead of you. They know the pitfalls, obstacles, and challenges that lie on the road ahead of you. They are committed to ensuring you avoid or overcome them with their guidance and support. They willingly share their KESWIN™ for you to model and leverage off. By stepping into their footsteps, you will achieve your dreams and enjoy your success faster than you would trying to figure this out on your own.

Our Memberships

Membership is charged on a monthly basis, and includes full access to our supportive community, training modules and business resources.

There are three different levels available:

  • PQ - Personal Quest: Access to the PQ Library Area where you can pick and choose topic specific content to enhance your Heroic Quests.  Content includes off-the-shelf guides, short courses, articles, and more.  Cost US$9 /month.
  • SI - Self-Invested: For self-driven and self-motivated individuals. You will study and progress at your own pace, while leveraging off the feedback and fellowship of other members and the KESWIN™ Academy Team in our friendly, supportive community. Cost US$49 /month.
  • VS - Venture Seeker: Ideal for social learners, who enjoy being part of a small group, progressing at a similar pace, under the guidance of an experienced coach.  Attend weekly group coaching sessions (held online), with group activities and individual assignments. Limited to 10 members. Cost US$249 /month.

Our doors open on 18 February 2019. Please join our waiting list to get more info and early-bird sign-up offers.