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Goal Setting Workshop is a pre-recorded online training with an 80 minute video, downloadable workbook and templates for quarterly goal setting, hosted by Deb Donnell.

Imagine having a treasure map, which shows you the exact path you need to follow to achieve a goal you have set yourself.  Better still, you are able to tailor the treasure map specifically to your needs.  Then with map in hand, you begin taking action to get what you truly desire.

This Goal Setting Workshop focuses on providing you with exactly this.  A templated treasure map, called “My Quest Map”, where you will write your action plan, well-formed strategy and outcome.  You get to tailor it to your aspiration, dream, wish, or goal.

Workshop attendees have gone onto move into their dream homes, change jobs, start home businesses, write, publish and sell books, and lots more!

And once they have achieved their first goal, they rinse and repeat, by returning to the training to set new ones.

There really is nothing stopping you from having the life you really want!

This pre-recorded Goal Setting Workshop includes:
  • 80 minute video of the online training workshop;
  • downloadable 32 page workbook pdf;
  • “My Quest Map” template;
  • Private support group (Facebook).

The Goal Setting Workshop tools are all you need to clarify a specific goal, and then create the action plan and strategy to achieve it.  Once you have your Quest Map, then the rest is up to you to follow the step-by-step path to success.

“The Goal Setting Workshop was brilliant and thought provoking.  It allowed me to become fluid with my writing, and also achieve my personal goal to move into my dream home.” —Brenda

What would it be like if you achieve your goal within the next three months?  How would your life look and feel?  What are you doing in the future that is different to what you are doing now?  Is something that you truly want?  If so, then enrol in the Goal Setting Workshop and get ready to achieve your dream.

Price: NZ$49 – excluding GST for New Zealand Residents, which is added during the payment process.

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