Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure – The Writer’s Journey

“The Call to Adventure establishes the stakes of the game, and makes clear the hero’s goal: to win the treasure or the lover, to get revenge or right a wrong, to achieve a dream, confront a challenge or change a … Read More

Personal Development Tool Kit KESWiN Academy
Personal Development Tool Kit for Heroic Quest

Your personal development tool kit is an essential part of your transformative journey.  The tools you carry with you help you to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and communications.  They empower you to identify what is working, and what … Read More

Thank You – Group Coaching Call

Thank You! Instructions on how to access the next call on the day that suits you best will be delivered to your inbox momentarily. Please note:  The call is held in our online Zoom meeting room.  You will access it … Read More

Find Your Why
Find Your Why (Your Life Purpose)

To find your Why (your life Purpose) is a heroic quest.  It is a personal development journey involving travelling deep into your unconscious mind.  The goal is to discover what makes your heart sing, and how you can use this … Read More

30 Daily Writing Prompts

30 Daily Writing Prompts for Success: A Step-by-Step Guide Discover How to Use Daily Writing Prompts to Explore Your Unique Talents and Attributes, Discover What Makes Your Heart Sing, and Transform Your Life for Success


Thank You! Your “30 Daily Writing Prompts for Success:  A Step-by-Step Guide” will be delivered to your inbox momentarily. Check your inbox every day, for the next 30 days, and use the writing prompts to explore your unique talents and … Read More


Thank You! You’ve taken the first step on your transformative journey to discover your hidden treasure and what makes your heart sing. Your e-book will be delivered to your inbox momentarily. Important information:  By subscribing, you have agreed to receive … Read More

How to be a Hero
How to Be a Hero

Learning how to be a hero is mostly about personal transformation.  It’s about discovering who you are, what your talents and attributes are, and how you can bring your best to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and communications. As a result, … Read More

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