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Felicia Waren, USA

“Since joining the Academy, I’ve accomplished more and written more than I did before. It’s a supportive environment, where I have peers helping me gauge where I am in the training. I receive help when I need it, and we … Read More

Greg Gust, USA

“I am grateful that Deb took the time to show me how to write diamonds. I do believe within all of us there are diamonds that need to be put down on paper. When they are inside of us, nobody … Read More

Tom Renfro, USA

“Deb has helped me improve my writing skills tremendously. Now, I not only have the confidence to sit and write, but I have the basic ability to communicate intelligibly while delivering some real value. This was a skill that was … Read More

Corinne Floyd, Canada

“The Academy provides a fresh approach to learning online. The mentors and members are real people you can talk to and build lasting relationships with. The training is professional and easy to follow. The workshops are fun and interactive. You … Read More

Lanette Passarelli, USA

“I was having trouble writing content for my blog and understanding social Internet marketing. The KATs helped me build up my confidence. It is a safe place to ask questions, get help, and immediately apply what we are learning. I … Read More

Claire Newell, New Zealand

“The Academy provides low-cost, state-of-the-art training. I have a road map to follow, people to connect with, and trainers who are genuinely there for us. They give 120% to ensure we all succeed. They are helping us create businesses that … Read More

Heather Hansen, Canada

“Writing challenges me. I love the videos—I can stop them and move at my own pace, and it helps me get a better understanding. The people are great! I am forming solid relationships, and can get help from my peers … Read More

Marshall Joyce, USA

“Before I joined, I was just watching and listening to other online marketing training programs with no real plan. Isn’t that Crazy? If I hadn’t joined the Academy, and had the opportunity to learn with others, I would have hung … Read More

Bob Young, USA

“The training is a lot more dialogue than presentation. It has helped me transition from learning mode to doing mode. The modules in writing, market research, blogging and business management have been both instructional and hands-on practice. Even though I’m … Read More

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