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Personal development quotes are an great way to lift your mood when challenges and obstacles appear.  They serve as a reminder for why you are on your Transformative Journey.  One of our responsibilities as a human being is to pursue … Read More


We run stand-alone live events on a regular basis, such as workshops, webinars and other short courses.  These are topic-specific, and available as one-off purchases. Our team is currently working on the next event.  If you haven’t already subscribed to … Read More

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We’ll pass your donation onto our presenter (less PayPal Fees and tax, if any). On their behalf, thank you for acknowledging the value they’ve given you. You may like to consider other ways to give thanks, such as: Submitting feedback … Read More

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Our presenters invest their expertise, time, and resources to create free events to non-members. We invite you to show your respect and acknowledgement to them. How you express this is up to you;  think about the importance you place on … Read More

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Firstly, thanks for attending one of our events.  We hope that you found the session valuable.  We appreciate you taking a few minutes now to provide us with feedback, and/or a testimonial. The submissions you give us help us to … Read More

Goal Setting Workshop
Goal Setting Workshop: Start Your Quest Now

You’re invited to our Goal Setting Workshop, hosted by our Founder, Deb Donnell. In this 90 minute workshop you will be taken step-by-step through the process to set a goal and plan your strategy to achieve it. Held in our … Read More

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Get Instant Access to KESWIN™ Academy If you’re ready to take your Transformative Journey to the next level by enrolling with KESWIN™ Academy, simply choose your preferred membership option below and click the button to join us… All prices are … Read More

Felicia Waren, USA

“Since joining the Academy, I’ve accomplished more and written more than I did before. It’s a supportive environment, where I have peers helping me gauge where I am in the training. I receive help when I need it, and we … Read More

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